Friday, August 24, 2012

HPW User Profile: Tony Andrews

If you've been around the Huffington Post long enough, you've probably seen "Tony Andrews" around. He is one of the smarter anti-Zionists in the sense that he knows not to defend everything the Palestinians do, and instead only fights the battles that he thinks he can win.

Unfortunately in recent days his mask has been slipping and it is becoming clear to me at least that he is not "pro-Palestinian" but anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as well. But as always, you can draw your own conclusions.

He also used to comment here but he has been banned after it became clear he was only here to start fights and insult everyone who disagreed with him. Now for the comments. First we will start with anti-Jewish comments. Many of these are context dependent so be sure to click on the links:

“Clearly, their [American olim] loyalty is not to the US of A, which is, consequently far better off without them than it would be with them remaining as disloyal citizens.” [Jews are traitors.]

“Roosevelt, Truman, virtually every President since.
Read them all, though all of them might be mistaken!
WAKE UP.” [Implying AIPAC/Jews control America. Here's context.]

“Your government is the slavering lapdog of Israel, so it is no surprise that you follow it.”

“How many rabbis does it take to change a light bulb?
Has not yet been determined. They are still searching for a Talmudic reference to light bulb.”

"It's interesting that Israel needs to have a huge propaganda machine financed both by Israel and by "loyal" Americans." [More dual loyalty.]

"I am not prejudiced against "all of Israel" I am prejudiced against its grosser behaviours."

“Last time I checked it was not illegal for a people to resist, with whatever means possible, the invasion of their territory and for their friends to assist them.” [Defending terrorism.]

Now that is out of the way, let me show you just how much of troll "Tony Andrews" is by demonstrating just how many times he insults people who disagrees with him. Below the link you will find just a few of the insults he has made toward other users.

Tony Andrews: “Oh, gawd, Horatio has allowed himself to pick up disgusting Israeli Jewish traits in his attempts top fit in with the crowd. Poor soul, lost in a foreign land and desperate to blend in.” [Twofer]

Tony Andrews
“You have earned discomfort­. Even though I doubt your capacity to experience it.”

Tony Andrews:
“You also have a callous and casual disregard for any life that is not Jewish Israeli. You exceed partisan by a long, long measure.”

Tony Andrews: “Horatio, Who is the bigot?”

Tony Andrews: “Horatio, Why do you not read the documents that you are referred to instead of endlessly regurgitat­ing the same untrue statements­?”

Tony Andrews: ““Horatio. Why do you have such a constant need to display your total ignorance?”

Tony Andrews: “Horatio, Musty be nice to be so totally insulated from reality.”

Tony Andrews: “By the frequent bleats that you put on HP threads, I suspect you, your "brother" and your mum and dad would be pushing a trolley containing all your most treasured possessions down the road, calling over your shoulder to the people who had pushed you out "Hey, Nice to have met you. Hope you have a really good and long life in what used to be our home" - - - - - - - - - -

Tony Andrews:
““horatio, dear horatio,
you really should have ducked this one.
You are being hosted by an Israeli propaganda machine during your holiday in Israel, funded by either your ever patient parents or some pro-Israel­i agency, and have, by your own bragging on your very own blog, been involved in the production of some (and I am being honest here, as someone who has long associatio­n with all kinds of media production­) frankly pathetic propaganda videos.
Believe me.
Or not.
I really do not care.
You are the very last person on the planet (of whom I am aware) that I would go to to get an evaluation of a "possibly propaganda­" video.
Guys in my local bar, drunk, arrive at far better evaluation­s of all kinds of things apropos Israel/Pal­estine than you do, including videos”

Tony Andrews: “Coming from anyone else who is spending time in Israel, your comment would be a nonsense uttered by an immature, cowardly, hypocrite. As it is not from anyone else, it is merely immature, cowardly, hypocrisy (_*_)”

Tony Andrews:
“How much longer before your graduation from your Jerusalem based indoctrina
­­tion in Israeli propaganda­­, by the way? Will you be glad to get back to mummy and daddy's house? Will you look for some kind of legitimate work, or will you continue to make a "living" from propagandi­­sing for Israel?”

Tony Andrews
Interestin­g that your own levels of paranoia have reached such a pitch.”

Tony Andrews
“Cynical liar.”

Tony Andrews
“But thank you for demonstrat­ing, so wonderfull­y, your agenda and the determinat­ion that you have to find material to fill it.”

“How can you remain so blind?”

“Blind, still. I see.”

“Still determined to remain blind. You are beyond the most skilled optometris­t's help.”

As always, HuffPost approved.


  1. While I might agree that he is one of the "smarter ones", I don't know that I would give him as much credit as you do. Yes, he is "smart" in the respect that he will look things up and usually come back with what he has interpreted as "facts", but his interpretations are normally off.

    On top of that, I'm surprised that you say "in recent days his mask has been slipping…", for his mask has slipped to different degrees for quite a while. Make no mistake, Andrews is one nasty anti-Israel and
    anti-Jew, hater, who has a habit of insulting, demeaning and belittling anyone who supports Israel or Jews to any degree.

    He is a sick and hateful human being who lives by the rule of attempting to make others look bad in order to make himself look good. At least in his own small mind.

  2. Hmm, I didn't now he'd been banned from commenting here. I just assumed he fled after being used to having his equally stupid HP cronies kiss his ass and then having his shitty arguments torn to pieces. In any case, he's not missed. And as far as being relatively smart, I would only agree he is intelligent by comparison; he also has a knack for pulling a Lance Armstrong when he knows he can't sustain his lamer points of view.

  3. Yeah, Ben, it wasn't an easy decision because we welcome open dialogue with people with whom we disagree. But after ten posts or so where he followed a pattern of starting an argument, refusing to admit that he was wrong, then throwing insults at everyone in range, it became clear that he was only here to cause trouble. Hopefully he will be the only one though.

  4. He got slammed beautifully by a poster named Howard yesterday and had to skulk away in defeat.


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