Thursday, August 9, 2012

HuffWatcher's Latest: Pack of Jews?

From Huff-Watcher:

Just the latest incident of HuffPost's four-year-long pattern of bias and incitement of hate against Jews and Israel...

From today's front page at HuffPost:

Proof that this outrageous headline story appeared on HuffPost's front page (see URL address):

And if you go to the story page, you'll discover some interesting facts:
  • This "pack" of (wild!) Jews was actually members of a wedding party in Lakewood New Jersey, one female member of which told the Secret Service, "We just want(ed) to see Romney." Thank goodness the Secret Service was so vigilant --- after all, who knows what kind of horror that an unrestrained "pack of Jews" could do???
Anyone with even a passing knowledge of how HuffPost operates knows well that if itfound out that a "right-wing" online "news" paper ran a headline story that claimed Obama was "chased by a pack of..." African Americans, or Sikhs, or Muslims, Arianna would have gone apoplectic, claiming that such an incident shows how "racist" conservatives are.

Yet as we've documented over and over again, HuffPost is now the West's #1 largest Internet-based inciter and tolerator of hatred against Jews and Israel. Despite the fact that Arianna falsely claims HuffPost is a "nonpartisan" newspaper, this is merely the latest incident in its four-year-long pattern of deliberately, maliciously depicting Jews as monsters, criminals and psychotics(example at right documented here)

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