Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Islamophobia? Anti-Semitism!

One of our readers alerted us to a thread in the "New York" section about an billboard that is critical of Islam, which for some reason the Huffington Post decided to contrast with the billboard about Israel "stealing" Palestinian land. If you are curious, here is what the billboard looked like, along with the biased Huffington Post headline:

Whatever you feel about the billboard, for the Huffington Post to label it as "Islamophobic" in the headline as if this were the truth is a clear example of bias. Especially when the "Pro-Palestine" ad from earlier was not labeled as "anti-Semitic."

So anyway, most of the Huffington Posters attacked the ad with the usual rhetoric: Christians/America is bad too, 19,000 deadly attacks really aren't that bad, and so forth. Some took the opportunity to go after the Jews, naturally:

(Note the avatar)

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