Thursday, August 30, 2012

Israeli Children Suffer, HPers Don't Care

Anav Silverman has written another excellent blog post about how Israeli children are returning to school this fall with the constant fear of rocket attacks hanging over their heads. We all know how Gaza times the rocket attacks to fire around the time children are going to and from school, in order to maximize child casualties.  However, the HPers on the thread couldn't seem to bring themselves about the suffering of the Israeli children, even though the rockets are war crimes and a violation of international law (something the HPers care about, allegedly) and the human rights of the Israeli children are being violated (again, something I thought the HPers cared about). Instead, we got a lot of people changing the subject/justifies the rocket attacks:

Yup, you can really feel how much the HPers care about international law and human rights on this thread.

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  1. Of course not. The average HuffPo reader does not consider Jews to be human beings at all.


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