Monday, August 20, 2012

Latest Huffington Post Approved Anti-Semitism

Hate isn't tolerated on the Huffington Post.

Just kidding! Of course it is. And it's tolerated for days at a time. Especially hatred against Jews. We saw this in rare form last week while we were away when Rabbi David Wolpe wrote an article about anti-Semitism after the shooting at the Sikh temple. For those of you who think this was an odd choice of topic given the recent events, it's his column so he can write what he wants. Anyway the Huffington Posters saw the perfect opportunity to resume their war on anti-Semitism, and just for the purposes of showing you how bad the thread was, I will leave aside the usual whining about "anti-Zionism" and GAZS #1 and demonstrate only the purest of anti-Semitism:

Actually while I'm at it let me show you some ugly personal attacks on Rabbi Wolpe, approved by the Huffington Posts' moderators of course, given the fully moderators nature of the thread:

How ironic (and typical of the Huffington Post) that articles about anti-Semitism is where the highest levels of anti-Semitism can be found.

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