Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Study on Circumcision, HPers Flip Out

The ongoing circumcision debate isn't directly related to what we usually discuss on this blog, but since we do talk about Jewish issues I thought it might be of some interest. In the most recent HPer article about circumcision, there's a great example of group think in action.

The new article is about a study by Johns Hopkins that " if circumcision rates were to decline to the 10 percent level currently seen in Western Europe, it could add up to $505 million annually in direct health care costs." Why? Because circumcision apparently reduces the rate of STIs, some cancers, and other medical issues.

How did the HPers respond to this study? The way they usually respond to Israel-related articles, long on outrage, short on factual arguments:

La, la, la! We know better than doctors at Johns Hopkins!!


    Remember, Johns Hopkins is where Dr John Money ran his "gender is all nurture" campaign, based on poor Bruce/Brenda Reimer who lost his penis in a botched circumcision and was unsuccessfully raised as a girl. At puberty he revolted and became David, but ultimately committed suicide. His twin brother, Brian, was not circumcised as a result of Bruce's disaster and recovered without treatment, indicating the operation had never been necessary, but he was caught up in Money's indoctrination as "control" and eventually died of a drug overdose.

    So don't bow down to JH. In this case, they cherry-picked the data from pro-circumcision studies, ignored costs of circumcision such as the repair of botches, and assigned no value to keeping all you are born with.

    It's not always about Israel.

  2. American men are such wimps to let their sons be subjected to this absurd surgery. If it were women tied down & cut, the Feminists would be howling all over the world. The male genitals are a cheap commodity. There is no argument too absurd for the circumcisers. They insult the appearance of the intact penis, claim that circumcision heals everything from body warts to HIV, and draw an illogical distinction between female & male genitals.

    Top Ten Tortures Less Painful Than Circumcision

    10. Get knocked out by Mohammed Ali.
    9. Pull out your fingernails.
    8. Eat a pile of steaming bear crap.
    7. Skin yourself alive.
    6. Fall into a vat of molten iron.
    5. Get run over by a train.
    4. Go through a sausage grinder.
    3. Saw off your legs.
    2. Poke out your eyes.
    1. Go To Hell


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