Friday, August 3, 2012

Nice Story Leads to Anti-Semitism

The Huffington Posts' Religion section thought that they would cover a nice story about a French swimmer paying tribute to his grandfather through a tattoo:

Now if this sounds weird, I should point out that the swimmer himself is not Jewish (so it is not against his religious tradition to get a tattoo) and his grandfather is an Auschwitz survivor, which is why he is Gilot's hero (among other reasons).

So this story got about 700 comments as you can see and in the first half of them I noticed quite a few anti-Semitic and Jew-baiting comments:

Welcome to the Huffington Post!


  1. Cat turd seems a fitting name.

  2. I've noticed a shocking number of 'cat ladies' w\ pictures of cats in their profile to be hate filled anti semites.

  3. I thought the same thing.


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