Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pro-Saddam Cartoon On the Huffington Post

Departing a little from our usual topics, in a sign of just how left-wing the Huffington Post is and continues to be, check out this entry by Jeff Danzinger, one of their local political cartoonists:

Yep, that's a pro-Saddam cartoon here on that bastion of progressiveness known as the Huffington Post. Now before we go any further, let me explain exactly why I am critical of Danzinger's point of view on this. Regardless of your views on the Iraq War, there really isn't much of a question that Saddam was one bad dude who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Kurds alone, not to mention his own people. Under his regime there was torture, rape, massacres, gassing, repression, all the things that the Huffington Posters claim not to like. Let's not forget that he also invaded their favorite victim state, Iran.

That being said, his iron-fisted rule kept Iraq stable, which I think is Danzinger's point. But as bad as things are right now, I find it difficult to believe that the Iraqis would actually want Saddam to come back. I mean his loyalists would obvious but the average person? I guess it's a lot easier for Danzinger to tell the Iraqis how they should be living when he isn't the one either under threat from car bombings or Saddam's secret police.

But what bothered me more and what partially prompted this blog post was the reaction of the Huffington Posters:

Funny how the Huffington Posters who were so wiling to cheer on the Egyptians while they fought for their freedom are now perfectly willing to subject the Iraqis to more oppression. Of course, I can't help but wonder if it's not about the Iraqis and more about an opportunity to stick it to George Bush.


  1. Your finale there, hit the nail on the head;
    What are they going to say about:
    The tens of thousands of Kurds Saddam murdered with Chem. weapons?
    The hundreds of thousands he displaced?
    The countless Shia he slaughtered?
    The Kuwaitis killed during his invasion of Kuwait, in 1990-1991?
    The economic strife and damage he caused to all of Iraq's neighbouring countries?
    At least 500,000+ of his own Sunni citizens killed during the Iran-Iraq war?
    Only on a "liberal" medium such as the HP, is some murder sanctified; but if you-know-who tried, to act in self-defence, with utmost care and precaution to avoid unnecessary causalities, we would have the HPers screaming bloody murder.
    Does the hypocrisy ever stop?


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