Friday, August 10, 2012

Questionable Article Leads to Anti-Semitism

I never pretend to know the Huffington Posts' motives, except when confronted with inscrutable evidence. So this latest article was a real head scratched. It's by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, two journalists who are promoting their book about Israel's spies against Iran, which includes a completely unsourced claim that Israel killed the Iranian scientists a few months ago. Naturally the Huffington Posters lapped it up.

Anyway this time around their article is supposedly about Iran but instead is about the history of Mossad activities. Mossad used to get help from local Jews but then when places like Iraq started hanging members of their Jewish communities (those that were left) they decided not to do anymore. Seriously, that's the entire article I don't believe I am leaving anything pertinent out. But go and read it for yourself just to make sure.

The Huffington Posters thought they would take advantage of the opportunity to remind us that the entire US government are dual citizens, among other anti-Semitic remarks:

(Be sure to note the second to last paragraph)

Welcome to the Huffington Post.


  1. Melman, et al are hacks.
    So much so, that he has(Melman)-get this- been dismissed from Ha'aretz(and that's SAYING SOMETHING!).
    Most of their reporting, on Israel's "covert ops" was a la Seymour Hersh:
    Good for falsification and villainizing. Bad for reality and the truth...

  2. Ah, the *usual suspects*. These people are out of control spouting off their conspiracy theories.
    It amazes me how they all claim Israeli ownership of the US Gov, and like FinkyFan, claim the
    "well known" dual citizenship in the US Gov. Let's be clear about one very important thing:
    which is that not one of them has EVER proven it, or even come close.
    They all turn to the same propaganda/hate site, that lists people who the propagandists claim to be dual citizens, but who also, provide not one ounce of proof.

    HuffPost is their stage, rent free, where they are given carte blanche to spout their vitriolic lies about Jews and Israel. Should HuffPost be ashamed, certainly they should be, but they are not. I truly believe HuffPo allows these people, approves them, and prints their lies, solely because it fits their agenda, and allows things to be said that they themselves won't say so bluntly. HuffPo is quickly becoming (or already is) nothing other than a hate site, and a look through any of the comment sections on Israel is bare bones proof of that.


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