Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Huffington Post's Latest Jew Washing

If you aren't familiar with the term "Jew washing," it's been coined recently to describe anti-Israel activists who seek to promote their Jewishness in order to defend their friends and their own beliefs, no matter how anti-Jewish they truly are. And although I'm not that comfortable with the term, it more than fits the bill in the latest example of how blatant the Huffington Post has become in its anti-Israel propaganda campaigns.

They have brought on a new blogger named Richard Forer, who has very very little in the way of academic qualifications. His multi-paragraph biography (which I see no reason to reproduce) is nothing more than about how he used to like Israel and now he doesn't. Seriously. That's apparently all you need to write for the Huffington Post. His bio claims he has written a book about his magical transformation from Zionist to anti-Zionist, but that isn't so impressive. A guy I knew in high school had written a book which I can guarantee you was more academically sound than anything Forer wrote.

So now that he has introduced himself, let's get the Jew washing under way. Mr. Forer's very long article was originally posted in the "Religion" section but was given top billing in the "World" section anyway because the Huffington Post editors need to pimp their token Jews for all they can. The article is one long strawman against unnamed person or persons that accuse people of being "self hating Jews" for "criticizing Israel's policies." I notice that no one has yet been able to produce an example of this, and Mr. Forer is no exception.

He not only strawmans his critics, he also strawmans his friends. Here is an example:
"Nearly every Jewish critic I've met believes that by opposing policies that relegate Palestinians to lives of second-class citizenship, they are rescuing the integrity of their religious tradition. These critics have no desire to harm the state of Israel. Their desire is to prevent the state of Israel from harming Palestinians. They advocate equal rights for all because they know that equal rights lead to peace."
Actually when "these critics" advocate for BDS, which is what Jewish Voice for Peace does, that is exactly what they are doing. And they will admit it too. The trouble is that when you make blanket statements like this and insist on speaking for people who don't answer to you, you're generally in the wrong. It's very clear to me that although Mr. Forer does a good job of parroting the human rights and progressive language so often used by the Left against their enemies, he almost takes it too far. I am unsure that he actually believes what he is saying.

The article is long, and very pretentious, and he repeats himself a lot, so I see no reason to show you everything he has. Basically after constructing his strawman he proceeds to whine "where is the hatred? I, Richard Morer, don't see any, so neither should you!" We also get some incredibly ironic armchair psychology:
"Because he is unconscious of this pattern, the accuser can only project his perception onto the world and then presume that the world he sees proves the reality of his perception. Creating his own suffering, he narcissistically scapegoats and blames the world (in this case Palestinians and their sympathizers) for the suffering."
Yeah, that's about as perfect a description of the Palestinians and their supporters as I have ever seen. The suffering of the Palestinians is everybody's fault but their own. Mr. Morer also claims that Israel's defenders never actually deal with the criticisms and instead say "self hating Jew" a lot. Well, consider this a challenge. Though I haven't written a book I would say I am at least as qualified to write about this subject as Mr. Morer is.

So let's go. Let's have a debate right here in the comments section about whatever topic you want to discuss. And I can personally guarantee you that I will not be using any insults including "self hating Jew." Let's have an honest discussion if you can handle it, Richard Morer.

The strawmanning continues as he makes it clear how little he knows about this issue in a jaw dropping display of arrogance.
"I have not met one defender of Israeli policy who has impartially studied the actual history. The real conflict for these defenders is not Israel vs. a hostile world or Israel versus the Palestinians. The real conflict -- and the basis for claims of self-hatred and anti-Semitism -- is the failure to integrate the hard-to-believe but inescapable awareness of Israel's treatment of non-Jews with unquestioned loyalty to the Jewish state. One consideration acknowledges Israel's dark side; the other denies the dark side exists."
Uh huh. More than anything this makes me doubt that you have actually met any defenders of Israel's policies (by the way, which policies are we talking about?), no matter what it says in your bio. Every Zionist I have ever known including those in the JCPA freely acknowledges that Israel has problems and challenges that must be overcome. If you asked them not a single one would deny it, no matter how right wing they are.

But you know who does deny the dark side exists? Palestinians and their supporters. But you can't say that on the Huffington Post, or anywhere else that bills itself as "progressive." Instead you just have to repeat the myths upon which the Left's point of view on this situation is based, and never mind any facts that get in the way.

After this Mr. Morer continues with an arrogant and condescending series of strawmen, declaring the Palestinians have no evil intentions, it's all Israel's fault, and anyone who disagrees with him is a bad person. But I've had about all the fill of BS I can take for one day, so if you really want to see how low the Huffington Post can go, check it out for yourself.

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