Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The HuffPo's Latest Terror Apologist (Part 1)

The number of anti-Israel bloggers on the Huffington Post now exceeds forty, yet the they can't seem to stop themselves from drumming up ever more. And in case you thought the likes of Ahmed Moor and Sharmine Narwani weren't odious enough, the Huffington Post has now recruited Hanan Ashrawi. Who is that you ask? Let's see her Huffington Post bio first:
"Dr. Hanan Ashrawi is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), making history as the first woman to hold a seat in the highest executive body in Palestine. She is also an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Palestinian National Council and Palestinian Central Council. Dr. Ashrawi has been actively engaged in the planning and implementation of programs and systems of reform, accountability, and the rule of law."
Okay, so she's part of a terrorist organization with blood on its hands as well as a dictatorship that will throw people in jail for being atheist and tortures gay people. What a progressive! But let's not judge her by the company which she keeps. Not when she has so much more dirty laundry to be found. We'll start with her defense of terrorism:
Asked in September 2001 for her comment on the latest Palestinian Arab murders of Israelis, Ashrawi said on the PA's Voice of Palestine (Sept. 9, 2001): "The only language Sharon understands is the language of violence."In an interview on the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour on Sept. 3, 1993, Ashrawi was asked about the PLO's murder of hundreds Palestinian Arabs, some of whom were accused of "collaborating" with Israel. (The New York Times reported on May 31, 1992 that, in fact many of them were murdered because of clan rival or violating Islamic moral strictures.) Ashrawi replied that the murders were "a ticklish issue...they can't just be dismissed as acts of violence." 
Likewise, in an interview with The Progressive (June 1992), said that the PLO's murders of Arabs were caused by Israeli "brutality" and "the lack of achievements in the peace process."Violence "is not what the uprising is about... it is essentially a human voice, a real cry from the heart ... There were, of course, individual acts of violence... Desperate people commit desperate acts." --Excerpt from interview with Ashrawi in the New York Times, Nov.17, 1991 
In August 2000, Ashrawi said: "In a sense, the army of occupation and the settlers have become legitimate and select targets of Palestinian resistance." (Rocky Mountain News, Aug. 16, 2002) Palestinian Arab spokesmen regard as "settlers" any Jew who resides in any of the territories that Israel won in self-defense in 1967, including the Old City of Jerusalem. Thus a Jew who lives in an apartment near the Western Wall is a "settler" who, in Ashrawi's view, it is "legitimate" to murder. 
When two Israelis were tortured and lynched to death by a Palestinian Arab mob (including Palestinian Authority policemen) in Ramallah in October 2000, Ashrawi justified the murder by falsely claiming that the Israelis were "undercover Israeli agents" who "were clearly infiltrated and planted into the midst of a protest march in the heart of the city."
What a progressive! She also has aides that have engaged in Holocaust denial, she has told Israelis to "go back to where you belong; what right do you people from Russia and Brooklyn have to our land?" (Helen Thomas come early?), she has lied endlessly (no big surprise there) and she has tried to cover up Palestinian Authority indoctrination of children to die in battle

She is also a Holocaust denier herselfIn the July 2, 1998, edition of the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, she published an article calling the Holocaust "a deceitful myth, which the Jews have exploited to get sympathy." Oh, and of course she favors a "one state solution" and "full right of return."

Clearly all of these things make her eminently qualified to write on the Huffington Post, wouldn't you agree? And we haven't even gotten to her article! Stay tuned for the next installment to read what she has to say.

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