Friday, August 31, 2012

The Iran Two-Step 2.0

It's rare that I see the Iran two-step in action, let alone with two posts right next to each other. But here's an example. In this week's "someone gives their opinion about Iran" article, retired Israeli general Ephraim Sneh talks about bridging gaps between Israel and America's opinion about the subject. Naturally the Huffington Posters freaked out, as they always do. But then we got these gems, a perfect example of the Iran two-step 2.0:

Yes! Says the first Huffington Poster. It is true that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon, but it is Israel's fault that they are! Of course other Middle Eastern countries would want to attain that same level of armament as long as Israel does!

No! Says the second Huffington Poster. Iranian isn't looking to go nuclear at all. In fact they want Israel just not to have nuclear weapons and then we'll all be happy!

Obviously, both of them can't be right. Yet neither point is argued with because it isn't the details that matter, it's that Iran is in the right and the US and Israel are in the wrong. That's how it goes on the Huffington Post.

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