Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Paranoia of Ray Hanania

A few weeks ago, not that long in the scheme of things, we blogged a comment by Huffington Post blogger Ray Hanania in which he endorsed the one state solution and the destruction of the state of Israel:

You can read the commentary on the original post but that's about all the opinion that I had on it. So anyway yesterday Mr. Hanania dropped by to defend himself:

Really? Because it seemed to me that you were pretty happy with the idea of "one-state [sic] where everyone is equal living under Democracy [sic]?" But of course that's besides the point. Mr. Hanania was the first person on that web page to use the term "anti-Semitic." You can go and look if you don't believe me.

It looks to me that rather than take the criticism and try to argue on the merits, Mr. Hanania thought it would be better to shoot from the hip with prepackaged talking points, including whining about the "anti-Semitic canard." Perhaps in the future it would be better for him to look before he leaps.

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