Monday, August 20, 2012

We're Back! Comment of the Day

Matt and I are back from break and the first thing we'd like to share with you is a specialty of the Huffington Post: thinly veiled anti-Semitism, given approval by the moderators. This time we have a selection from a thread about Csanad Szegedi, a far-right Neo-Nazi who was exposed as being descended from Jewish people. The thread was about 25 pages long so it was too long to read, but this little gem appeared right up front:

Welcome back indeed.


  1. On alternet, I saw a comment from a poster named "BethMorrison" seemly about the use of the term 'race' when referring to Jews. Her comment was "They're the same thing when they're running to the bank."

  2. Head on over to "Islamophobic Billboard At Metro-North Station Causes Outrage One Month After Pro-Palestinian Billboard" thread.
    This article is certainly in the running for the worst of the worst Jew hating comments…
    like this gem….

    el sueno de la razon produce republicans
    1075 Fans Become a fan
    10:06 AM on 08/18/2012

    "you hate mongering anti-semite. get back in the oven. "

    First off, he doesn't seem to know what an "anti-semite" is, but more importantly,
    "get back in the oven"…..Huffington Post moderated, approved, and printed.
    In spite of being flagged, the comment still remains two whole days later.

    for context:

    Welcome Back! As you can see, nothing has changed. lol.


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