Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barry Lando's Questionable Logic

That old smoothie Barry Lando is back on the Huffington Post, ready to react to the murder of Ambassador Stevens and explain how to put America back on the right track! After his ZOG-tinged debut you'd expect him to blame Israel, and he does a little bit, but he begins by comparing America to China.

See, China is also involved in the Middle East but unlike America does not have ambassadors being killed or embassies being bombed. As Lando himself points out:
"Yet China would seem a very appropriate target for Muslim anger. The U.S. may have invaded Muslim countries, but for decades China has been brutally persecuting and repressing millions of its own Muslim minorities, such as the Uighars in Northwest China. But how many furious crowds have taken to the streets in Muslim lands to protest the plight of the Uighars? How many have even heard of them? How many Muslim leaders who are lambasting the United States because of an off the wall film that the U.S. government had absolutely nothing to do with, how many of them have ever uttered a single word of public protest against China."
It's true, China are godless atheists so they are just as much infidels in the eyes of the Muslim world. Fortunately, Lando has some theories as to why there is such a difference:
"The current outcry over a film insulting Mohammed is just the tip of an emotional iceberg. Underneath it all are more than half a century of Western and American interventions in the region, as well as the U.S.'s continued support of Israel....While the U.S. has spent huge sums, trying to overthrow regimes, punish perceived enemies, prevent nuclear proliferation (except in Israel), and shape the outcome of the new political forces that are roiling the area, the Chinese have had their eyes fixed on one objective only -- getting hold of vital natural resources to fuel their ravenous economy, finding new markets for their products and mammoth projects for their construction companies."
Wow. There's a lot to take in here so make sure you  read the whole thing. Mr. Lando is saying that that the USA should not be standing up for human rights and democracies and should instead of be doing what China does, i.e. only care about itself and securing natural resources.

If this sounds hypocritical, remember that one of the favorite Huffington Post talking points is to complain about how the US cares too much about oil. And yet here is Mr. Lando saying we should only care about oil.  If you think I'm strawmanning him, he comes right out and says that (emphasis mine):
"Why can't the U.S. do the same? That's the kind of basic questions that American should be discussing in the wake of the killing of the U.S. Ambassador, as they go about electing a new president. But don't count on it."
Now remember, China was complicit in genocide in Darfur. And as Mr. Lando himself admits, they treat others with an iron fist. Is that what he wants America to become? Entirely self-interested, greedy for resources, not even pretending to care about human rights, democracy or American values? And this is supposed to be a liberal point of view? What the hell? I honestly don't understand what he is thinking, and if someone would like to explain that to me a little better I would love to hear it.

Of course I have a feeling that part of Lando's Walt & Mearsheimer-esque thesis would be that America should dump support for Israel. It does tend to come back to that, doesn't it?

To quote Dennis Prager, this point of view is so stupid it could only have come from someone who is highly educated.

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