Friday, September 28, 2012

BBC Reveals Syrian Atrocities, HPers Defend

In the latest example of how far outside the realm of common decency and morality the HuffPosters are, I bring you the HP's coverage of a BBC report on violence (including sexual violence) in Syria's detention centers. There's a whole video, but here's just one quote from the article:
"The daily rape took place in front of the other girls. That was the time they would remove the blindfold so the girls could see what was happening before their eyes, and wouldn’t know when their turn would come,” said a woman who was held in the Palestine Branch of Military Intelligence in Damascus, according to the BBC report below."
Yeah...bad stuff. But it's about to get worse, as several HPers came out to defend the Syrians:

There's something to be said about reasonable doubt, except that many of these same HPers (especially "TAIsabel") will believe anything and everything said about Israel and based on what's already happening in Syria, raping prisoners isn't really that much of a leap.

Either way, HPers are defending systematic rape of Syrian prisoners. Contemptible stuff.

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