Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Carlo Strenger's Questionable Logic

If you don't recognize the name Carlo Strenger, he's one of the token pro-Israel bloggers that frequents the Huffington Post, though as usual he is not as commanding about his political views as the opposition. He has made some interesting points before but unfortunately I feel compelled to talk about his latest article on the Huffington Post, as it seems like a pointless article. You will see what I mean in a second.

The article has the blazing headline "Requiem to the Two State Solution," so you expect there to be some shocking news contained within it. But no, there's something about the Migron evacuation and then Mr. Strenger starts a long plodding Eeyore-like article. He instead talks briefly about the settlements and interviews some of the radicals who thinks that Israel should keep the West Bank. Nor does he provide any facts, instead linking to an old article that rehashes the "nobody wants it bad enough and that's why it's impossible" routine. I don't find his point of view offensive necessarily, just lacking in imagination. Let me show you what I mean:
"Neither is the case. There are moments when reality flies into your face, and in which you realize that your political program is no longer viable, even though you do not endorse any of the alternatives. I do not derive much comfort from being in good company: The remainders of Israel's left pay lip service to the two state solution, knowing that there is no longer a way to implement it."
What? How is it that there's no way to implement a two state solution? Mr. Strenger doesn't want to explain or can't explain, apparently thinking that the rest of us will simply trust him. I'm not willing to give up so easily. He isn't a "one stater" though, as he mentions, he just doesn't know how it will turn out. He repeats himself with the same lack of evidence:
"My conversations with European diplomats and politicians generate the impression that the same holds true for Western Europe. For lack of an alternative to the Two State solution, European governments have not endorsed any alternative conception, but they are beginning to realize that the Two State Solution won't happen."
They are? Can you please provide even one example of a European government that is coming to that conclusion? But unfortunately that is basically all this article says. Everyone that Strenger happens to know thinks that a two state solution won't work out, but also don't know what will happen instead. So ultimately, nothing except for "the sky is falling" type doom and gloom prophecies are being shared.

But hey, the Huffington Post crowd loves anything that tells them there may not be peace! So why not?

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