Sunday, September 2, 2012

CotD: Blame Jews for Stalin's Murders

The Huffington Post, in its never ending search to find news articles about the Holocaust, published a story about Poland moving the bones of a Polish resistance fighter who infiltrated Auschwitz to document the atrocities occurring there. As Holocaust-related threads go, this one isn't too bad, but there was one guy with an agenda to push. He lead off with this post:

And who is to blame for that Soviet brutality? Not their leaders, Lenin and Stalin! But you know who:

As with the United States, the leaders of the Soviet Union didn't actually make decisions. They were just controlled by the Jews.

The original link.


  1. I would like to float, as a trial balloon, to HP that they implement a "Jewish Test" to qualify to post there. If you're Jewish or have Jewish sympathies or in any way don't condemn Israel, Jews holding public office in the US (or any of the usual canards) then you disqualify yourself from posting. Posters should be required to sign a statement of agreement with the notice that any deviation from this will be subject to instant permanent irrevocable banning.

    I bet if you carefully worded it you could get them to pass it and enforce it.

  2. Look at that posters history of comments. He/she has made many hardlined antisemitic & conspiracy arguments. Stating Antisemitism doesn't exist, and quoting former Israel leftwing nut Aloni to spin and justify that argument. To show you how rabid a Jew hater that person is, he/she copied that Jew list from a website where that list had a few other non Jews on the list, but he/she made certain to not include that in order to further exaggerate the Jewish Bolshevik misrepresentation. He/she talks about defamation the b.s. document as if it proves as well antiSemitism doesn't exist. That person is a intellectual Jew hater, the most dangerous of kinds. Many Nazi's were intellects. He mentions of course Goldman Sachs, and other compy's with Jews of course wishing them an eternal hell and that 'Zionists" see's Americans as cannon fodder. Everyone needs to do their part in reporting this sick deranged vermin.

  3. That guy is a fan of one of biggest Jew haters in America, Kevin MacDonald, a Univ. Professor at California State Univ. Long Beach. He mentions Stalins willing executioners as evidence to Jewish responsibility for Stalin murderous regime and belittles the holocaust in comparison. Maybe he is Kevin MacDonald. It wouldn't surprise me. Kevin Macdonald attributes Nazi like theories about Jews having specific genetic traits to dominate and destroy the non Jewish population. Yes, this guy is a University Professor in Psychology and he hasn't been fired.


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