Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good HP News: Fiscal Crisis Gains No Sympathy

What looked to be a sure fire slam dunk on the part of the Huffington Post was yesterday's article on the Palestinian financial crisis worsening. The HP editors probably expected a load of Israel haters to dominate the thread, but since the financial crisis couldn't be directly pinned on Israel, they stayed away. Instead, some new faces appeared to condemn the Palestinians for their own situation (what an amazing idea!)

Perhaps the winds of change are blowing in the HP comments section.


  1. What a welcome change!
    At long last, some pushback.
    I was wondering, if I may be so bold: could you establish a section(from time to time), detailing some of the more positive comment threads?
    After seeing the unadulterated hate found daily on the HuffPo, one might wish to cleanse one's vision, with something heartwarming, like this.


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