Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How the HuffPo Marks 9/11

In the world section today, right underneath a segment about who is left in Al Qaeda (very charming) the Huffington Post decided it was time for the daily Two Minutes Hate against Israel:

Yeah, let's not even try to get an unbiased headline, right? I highly doubt that if any other country criticized the US for something the Huffington Post would spin in such a manner. And when you click on the inside headline you see just how far it is spun:

And here's the first few words: "Israel's prime minister has expressed his dissatisfaction with Washington's refusal..." Spinning like a top again, Huffington Post?

The picture isn't even from Netanyahu's attack on the Obama administration, it's from a cabinet meeting more than a week ago.

I'm sure that within a few hours the Two Minutes Hate will be well underway.

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  1. And "BainbridgeIsland" is already back. "This time as RobertBruce1274"

    Just a heads up.


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