Sunday, September 16, 2012

HP Bias: "Denying" the Occupation of Gaza

Only the most radical Arabists insist that Israel is "occupying" Gaza, contrary what "occupation" actually means, as part of their never ending quest to relieve the Palestinians of all responsibility for their actions. Apparently the Huffington Post editors have adopted that point of view as well, as evidenced by their latest headline:

This is a flagrant display of bias.

The Huffington Post editors deliberately chose the word "deny" regarding Israel's "occupation" of Gaza, which clearly implies that the occupation exists but the Knesset speaker is trying to cover it up. This is the Huffington Post spreading its own point of view rather than report the facts, which is that the occupation ended when Israel withdrew in 2005 and all the speaker did was confirm it. Apparently, facts aren't required for Huffington Post headlines, not when they have their own worldview to share.

Note also the serious and aggressive expressions on the faces in the picture, but I guess we should be happy because it's a picture of an Israeli other than Netanyahu.

Naturally the comments section was full of hate:

But actually these comments don't really have anything to do with the "occupation" of Gaza or Iran, so just goes to show the hate against Israel and Jewish rights will continue regardless of the specific article or anything else going on in the world.

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  1. they should ask Hamas who says everything is wonderful


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