Friday, September 21, 2012

HP Blogger Silver Defends Anti-Semitism

We discussed Bernard-Henri Levy's article earlier, and you can go ahead and read it, but basically he complains that the media published unverified rumors that Jews were responsible for the "Innocence of Muslims" video and then never bothered to apologize or correct the record when the truth that the video was made by Coptic Christians came out. Levy believes that such sloppy reporting contributes to anti-Semitism.

Well, who should come along to disagree with him but our new friend Harris Silver, writer of the latest attack on Israel's existence. Let's see what Mr. Silver has to say now:

I'm going to repeat what I consider to be the key part:

"The reason people are upset with Jews and Israel is because of something..."

Three part response to this little comment:

1. Has Mr. Silver interviewed every single person who is upset with Jews and Israel? What makes him think he can speak for "people" in general? Is there a shred of evidence the French koster store bombing was motivated by the freaking Kalandia checkpoint? At least we know he hasn't lost his arrogance, nor his dedication to belief over facts.
2. Why would people be upset at Jews for what Israel does? After all, Jews and Israel are completely separate, that's why attacks on Israel and Israel's existence are never anti-Semitic. Silver is trying to explain away or justify bigotry.
3. Note the self-serving link to his own work. Silver seems to have no problem making sweeping generalizations and justifying anti-Semitism if there's something in it for him.

Mr. Silver is a contemptible excuse for an HP blogger. Let's hope he doesn't stick around much longer.


  1. Is it my imagination, or do Harris Silver's comments/replies, consist largely of *shameless self promotion*, to get people to click on his other articles?

    Bait and hook. Typically pathetic.

  2. All bloggers on Huffington Post are contemptible. That's part of what makes it fun. It's a community of budding know-it-alls. I aspire!

    As for Mister Silver, his writing is provocative. Speaking as one of the "people" out here in the world of "people," I'm honored to have Mister SIlver speak on my behalf.


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