Thursday, September 13, 2012

HP Blogger Tweet of the Day

Huffington Post blogger (although she's probably been fired by now) Sharmine Narwani has always been full of hatred for America and the West. Ever since she blocked us on Twitter, we haven't kept as close an eye on her Twitter account as we'd like. But here's a nice one about the murder of the American ambassador in Libya that one of our followers sent to us:

People like Narwani constantly spew hatred against America, but are more than willing to turn around and accuse Jews and Israel supporters of being "Israel firsters." Hateful hypocrisy.

The original link.

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  1. She's either a trader to America and should be tried for treason or disturbed deceiver. She posted a HP comment while ago that she was ashamed for all Americans how America supports Israel etc,.... I called her out on that and asked her if she was an American citizen because it looked like she was speaking on behalf of all Americans. Her round about response was it's her Constitutional right to object to Americas foreign Policy's and wandered if i had dual citizenship in America. What do you expect for a Mullaphile who was all teary eyed in love when interviewing Hamas terrorist leader Khaled Meshaal


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