Monday, September 24, 2012

HPW: Foxman on Innocence of Muslims

Abraham Foxman wrote a very good article in the same vein of Bernard-Henri Levy's article, in which he talks about how the Arab world was very quick and willing to blame "the Jews" for the inflammatory video "Innocence of Muslims". Here's the conclusion:
Finally, we need good people around the world to stand up and loudly and clearly counter any efforts to portray these latest convulsions across the Middle East as the manifestation of a stereotypical, all-powerful Jewish plot. Unless good people speak out, unless Western leaders can make their voices heard, unless those voices are joined by leaders in the Muslim world, the anti-Semitic rumors most likely will continue to circulate unabated for many years to come.
Difficult to disagree with, especially in light of the fact that the principal filmmaker is a Coptic Christian? Not for the Huffington Posters!

I guess it's good that the Huffington Post is giving these posters a safe place to scream their hatred of Jews. Better they write it down than do something violent.

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