Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Huffington Post Pushes ZOG Myth With Sloppy Reporting

As the Democratic National Convention kicks off and the Democratic party's platform is released, political analysts are combing the platform for any newsworthy changes in policy. One of those changes for the Democrats is the section on Israel, which Elder of Ziyon discussed here. The Huffington Post saw an opportunity to push one of them anti-Semitic myths, in this case of the Zionist-Occupied Government. Let's take a look, shall we?

First, the headline:

 Gasp! The pro-Israel lobby reviewing the Democrats' Israel position? Insanity! But hold on for a second, because it's about to get ZOG up in here. Check out the body of the article:

So now AIPAC didn't just review the platform, they reviewed and "approved" it. Warning bells in anti-Semites heads immediately begin ringing. Note also the description of AIPAC as "hardline". And what's the update to the article?

 Read this paragraph closely, because it shows the innate dishonesty of Joshua Hersh and the Huffington Post. The HP claims AIPAC reviewed and approved the platform, but in terms of approval (not reviewing) both AIPAC and the Democratic Party states that is not true. But rather than admit that explicitly, Hersh covers that up by limiting the Democratic Party's statement to only about reviewing, so he doesn't have to admit he lied about AIPAC approving the platform language (which is the part of the story that is more disturbing). This is based entirely off of what the Huffington Post itself told us, I don't know any more than what was written in the story, but even just from that it's obvious the Huffington Post is lying to attempt to discredit AIPAC.

And the duplicitous headline did its work. Check out some of the top comments.

All in a day's work for the hate factory of the Huffington Post.

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