Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jew Hospitalized? Huffington Posters Ready to Defend

The Huffington Post covered a story about four young people "of apparent Arab origin," who attacked a Jewish man and his six year old daughter on the streets of Berlin, Germany. I know, it is shocking that they would actually mention the ethnic background of the perpetrators. For some strange reason they reported the story from Israel:
"JERUSALEM — Israel's Foreign Ministry has condemned an attack this week on a Jewish man in Berlin by a group of youths of apparent Arab origin.
Ministry spokesman Paul Hirschson denounced what he called "a brutal act of racism."
German police say four youths struck the man in the head Tuesday evening, insulted him and his religion and threatened to kill his 6-year-old daughter. Before the attack, one of the assailants asked the man, "Are you a Jew?"
The man was hospitalized and his attackers fled. German authorities vowed to make every effort to arrest them.
Hirschson said Thursday that Israel hoped Germany would bring justice to those responsible."
That's the entire article, by the way. There isn't any more information.

Anyway, the usual "anti-Zionist" brigade were ready and willing to blame the victim and defend the youths, including using the classic canard of conflating "Jews" and "Israelis." Ready for some examples?

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