Thursday, September 6, 2012

JVP Welcomed to the Huffington Post

Just a quick note about another example of the anti-Israel extreme left being given a platform on the Huffington Post: Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is representing Jewish Voice For Peace, and wrote an article in the "Religion" section whining about how Republican Jews disagree with her.

The bulk of her article is attacking the Republican Jewish Coalition, which I see no reason to defend, even though I'm pretty sure some of her accusations are not true. For instance she claimed they are against the two state solution, but nothing in my research indicated they had taken a position one way or another. But then as the article went on some of her claims became a little....less believable:
"While a high percentage of the Jewish community is progressive in its social agenda, it is clearly divided on the question of Israel, settlement expansion, and whether or not to bomb Iran. Among those who believe the settlements are the biggest obstacle to peace, many support the boycott of settlement products. According to a recent Ha'aretz poll, the majority of Israelis think bombing Iran is a bad idea."
There are a lot of claims here, so let's get into them. First of all, what is the "question of Israel?" Maybe to Rabbi Gottlieb it's obvious but not so much to the rest of us. If the question is "should the USA support Israel" there is no division: American Jews support Israel and are concerned about a nuclear Iran. But what about settlements? Only 8% of American Jews think all settlements should be dismantled, but I wasn't able to find a poll about whether they think the settlements are "good" or "bad."

It's a very suspect claim for Rabbi Gottlieb to claim that American Jews support the boycott of settlements. That's probably why she used the word "many," a common rhetorical trick: "Many" can mean any from ten million to ten thousand to ten American Jews support boycotting the settlements. In other words, it's meaningless. If she would like to show a poll, that would certainly be nice, as I don't know any American Jews who aren't JVP types who support that. Not even J Street does.

Finally, the poll about bombing Iran: If this is the poll she was referring to, 58% of Israelis oppose a strike on Iran without US backing. Which at this point looks like it won't be coming, so that's that. However, the claim that they "think bombing Iran is a bad idea" isn't true, unless she was intentionally leaving out the qualifier, which makes her dishonest.

Anyway, let's move on. Here's the best part:
"So why is the Republican Jewish Coalition attacking me? Apparently, leading a civilian diplomacy delegation to Iran and supporting the work of Jewish Voice for Peace is enough to make a person a pariah."
Um, yeah it is, Rabbi Gottlieb. Iran is a pariah state ruled by an Islamist government that has been threatening to wipe out Israel for years now. When you go and pull a Neville Chamberlain (or maybe a Neteuri Karta), mainstream Jews are going to react accordingly. As for Jewish Voice for Peace, their history speaks for themselves. No mainstream Jews support them, not even left-wing ones who are very critical of Israel. They support BDS, they blame Israel for everything, they don't even consider Israel to be a democracy.

Oh, and this is great. They don't even endorse the two state solution. Which, if you recall, was one of the issues that Rabbi Gottlieb was criticizing the RJC about. And with that final dose of hypocrisy, we'll conclude.

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  1. Did you check the comments? I haven't but I imagine most HP readers want to stuff her in the oven anyway. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew to these people.


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