Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MJ Rosenberg Says Jews Aren't A People

After MJ Rosenberg blocked us from reading his Twitter feed, it's been a little harder to spot all the radical views that he spouts on a minute by minute basis. Fortunately, we managed to pick up this little kernel:

Funny how for a guy that has built his life around being Jewish, he doesn't appear to like the idea of "Jewishness" very much. And it's also funny how a guy who keeps on claiming to be "pro-Israel." And of course this thing about how the idea of Jews being a people is a "fake illusion," therefore that the idea of a Jewish state is the same? Do you remember when he said this:
"It is precisely because I want Israel to exist in peace and security that I oppose the occupation (and, just as much, the insane idea of bombing Iran which could ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire Israeli state).” 
How far he has come since then. Does this latest tweet mean that Rosenberg has finally stopped pretending to be pro-Israel and pro-Jewish? I don't see what else one can conclude, except that maybe Rosenberg is off his meds again. But if his true thoughts on Israel and the Jewish people really are coming out now, it's been a very long time in coming.


  1. Blocking someone from even reading your words? My god what a thin skinned little retard he is.

  2. The same time Ahmadinejad questions the legitimacy of Jews as a nation so does MJ. He's getting his marching orders from Iran, and I'll bet money as well (indirectly of course). Is there anyone lower then this? I hope I never run into him.

  3. Denying Jewish peoplehood is extremely antisemitic. In fact it is often the first resort of antisemites. I have never heard of this MJ Rosenberg guy before but now I know he is my enemy.

  4. Isn't "fake illusion" a double negative of sorts, surely a fake illusion would, in fact, be reality?

  5. If ever there were the slightest bit of doubt as to what a scumbag this guy is, there shouldn't be any longer.
    I bet his ancestors are turning in their graves, and with good reason.


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