Friday, September 7, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Officer Urges Mistreatment of Settlers

I'm surprised the HP didn't cover this news, as it's right up the HP's alley of attacks on the settlers:

The eviction of the Migron residents last week appeared to have gone by without any major incidents, but video captured during the police operation showed otherwise. A senior officer was caught on tape as he goaded cops to act violently towards a group of young settlers who refused to vacate the West Bank outpost, and threatened to "kill" them.

The eviction operation went largely without resistance, save for the young activists who locked themselves in caravans, and in one instance climbed on top of a mobile home. The police waited until all the homes were cleared before placing ladders against the trailer in order to bring down the teens, who belong to the Hilltop Youth movement.
I for one would have been interested in reading HPer reactions to this "police brutality". I'm guessing they'll make an exception when the victims are the evil, evil settlers.

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