Thursday, September 27, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Shalit Visits FC Barcelona

Another team the BDS movement can't support now (emphasis added by me):

The Catalan football club [FC Barcelona] has decided to invite former Israeli captive Gilad Shalit to be the guest of honor at its Super Clasico match against Real Madrid on October 7 and present him with a club medal.

The invitation has provoked controversy and protests from several pro-Palestinian groups....

The Palestinian press has called on Arab sports and soccer unions to protest the decision. The Palestinians are threatening to boycott FC Barcelona if the Catalan club does not withdraw the invitation.

The anger stems from the fast that FC Barcelona is the most popular soccer team in the Palestinian territories. The club's striped jerseys are famous among all residents of the West Bank and Gaza, local children wear the shirts and the club's stars are their heroes.
Palestinian television broadcasts of the team's games, and of Spanish League matches in general, receive very high ratings.

According to the Palestinians, Shalit was invited following efforts made by "the Zionist lobby in Europe." They are demanding that the Muslim, Arab and Palestinian community in Europe protest the invitation. 

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  1. The Electronic Interfarter crowd were not happy.
    "According to the Palestinian advocacy website the electronic intifada, more than 650 people have signed a petition addressed to Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, opposing the invitation."


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