Sunday, September 16, 2012

Racist HuffPo Blogger Comment of the Day

This is a follow up to Matt's article about Harris Silver's delegitimization attack on Israel, he makes a racist comment about Israelis. Someone challenged him that he was condemning an entire society based on the actions of only a few soldiers that he witnessed. Mr. Silver denies that he did so, and then does exactly that:

"An illness that has infected Israeli society?" That sounds like condemning an entire society to me. And what is his evidence? Gee, the actions of a few.

So we have lying, hypocrisy and racism all in one post! Wow, that's some serious Jewish values going on there!


  1. Something you might be interested in. A commenter on EOZ posted some of Ray Hanania's tweets about "Bacile". He hasn't been on huffpo for while but he's still nuts.

  2. I automatically ignore any 'columnist' who also wades into the comments of the same blog and more often than not, the comments to their own column.

  3. Hey you guys, thanks for reading my blog so carefully and pulling out one comment to talk about over here... but Jews and Israeli's are not a race, so technically this is a misleading headline.

    Harris Silver


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