Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rafeef Ziadah Digs Ever Deeper

You are probably familiar with "War on Want," and its anti-Israel propaganda but maybe not so much with Rafeef Ziadeh, their senior campaign officer. Ms. Ziadeh has been recruited to the Huffington Post to (what else?) complain about Israel some more. Because apparently the Huffington Post does absolutely nothing else. This time, however, she is relegated to the "HuffPostUK" section because she is talking about Europe.

Even though "WoW" is an anti-poverty charity they also hate Israel, by which I mean they pretend to care about the Palestinians when someone who isn't a Muslim is mistreating them. The pattern continues with this article in which Ms. Ziadeh complains that the European Union is upgrading relations with Israel:
"Human rights campaigners across Europe have mobilized to challenge this upgrade in economic relations between the EU and Israel citing Israel's continued violations of international law and human rights abuses against the Palestinian people."
This is a form of double standards against Israel because when it comes to such amorphous terms as "international law" and "human rights abuses" there is not one single solitary country in the world who has totally clean hands, including more than a few countries in Europe. By Ms. Ziadeh's logic the European Union would not be able to trade with any other countries at all, because they all violate international law and human rights (IL&HR) in some form of another. But as we know about "WoW" already, she doesn't actually care about IL&HR, what she cares about is hurting Israel.

But unfortunately for her, when it comes to actually explaining what IL&HR violations she is talking about, she comes up somewhat lacking. Here is what she says: the Gaza flotilla (which people who aren't her now realize was not Israel's fault), settlements (boring), and something about Israel not allowing Arab drugs into the West Bank. That last one may be somewhat questionable but hardly a good enough reason for the European Union to lose potentially millions of dollars to satisfy the whining of a leftist. So when in doubt, she goes vague:
"The EU has become Israel's biggest importer to the tune of 16.8 billion Euros in 2011 and the second largest market for Israeli exports. On 24 July 2012, during a meeting of the EU Association Council in Brussels, Israel was offered 60 new activities of cooperation with the EU. Human rights campaigners are clear that Israel should not be rewarded for its aggression in any way under any agreements, protocols or action plans. All such agreements must be suspended until such a time that Israel complies with fundamental international law and human rights law standards."
Yeah, good luck with that. The European Union is currently drowning in their financial crisis and you're asking  them to cut themselves off from new markets? Just to satisfy you and the Palestinians? Thanks but no thanks. We'll see you on the Huffington Post.


  1. Read the HuffPost UK article and found it frankly tired and stringy. For one thing, the author tries to revive the attempt her pro-BDS friends unsuccessfully tried when campaigning for Israel to be denied membership in the OECD because it didn't count non-Israeli citizen Palestinians in the economic data. For another, she thinks that WoW and their ilk's view of human rights and justice has anything in common with, you know, human rights and justice--and that the EU is obligated to conflate those things in their every decision. And lastly, it's kind of sad to note that the author and her friends don't notice that a lot of powerful individuals either do not care about the Palestinian arguments but (and this should frankly terrify them) think the Palestinian arguments are SHIT. I don't curse much here, but that's the right word, and the EU is making its decisions based on its own interests, not those that make the HP and its satellites foam at the mouth. Bully for them.

  2. And of course she does not take into account that the Palestinians she cares so much about, would loose out the most from lost work opportunities.

  3. Another BDS fail
    EU Parliament committee certifies Israeli pharmaceuticals for safe import
    European Friends of Israel calls the vote ‘a major step in improving the life of European consumers’
    And another


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