Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Huffington Post Plays Detective

You have probably heard about the recent vandalism at a church in Israel. What you may not have seen was the extremely biased coverage of the events on the Huffington Post. Check out this headline:

Apparently just telling what happened is no longer good enough for the Huffington Post, they now have to point the finger even in their headlines. It certainly is true that extremist settlers are the most likely perpetrators, but Hezbollah was the most likely perpetrator of the Bulgaria bombing as well, and the Huffington Post didn't put that in their headlines.

Furthermore, the headline doesn't make much sense. What does "Pro-Settlers" actually mean? Couldn't they just say "settlers?" Maybe they were going for settlers who support the settlements but wouldn't that be all settlers?

As for the thread itself, it wasn't that bad, as most people pointed out correctly that religion is the source of a lot of strife. It was not without Jew baiting though:

Yes, that's right. All Jews have to be perfect because of the Holocaust, but if they talk about it, that's exploiting it and is bad. Welcome to the Huffington Post, where it is indeed all about the Jews.

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