Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today's Anti-Israel Incitement

Because no day passes without your Two Minutes Hate against Israel, the Huffington Post has called up Ron Paul supporter and occasional blogger Yousef Abukhdair to try to pull some damage control after the Rachel Corrie verdict. You see, even though the truth came out in a major way over the course of the trial, the truth is not enough for Mr. Abukhdair and the "Israel can do no right" crowd, so he's going to try and convince us to believe him over our own lying eyes. Let's get to it.

Right from the start we get lies:
"Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American who was killed in 2003 when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer while protesting the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza..."
Isn't it sad that even the most basic facts about this case people still aren't getting right? Corrie was not run over, she was crushed by the debris that was being shoved in front of the bulldozer. This was determined by the autopsy, if she had been run over there wouldn't have been much left of her, nor would she have died at the hospital 20 minutes later. And the "home demolition" claim is some nice propaganda, but it isn't true. At the time the bulldozer was clearing debris and shrubbery from an open area used by Palestinian fighters to ambush Israeli soldiers.

So right from the start Mr. Abukhdair is trying to mislead his audience, and he continues with his "eyewitness" accounts. He quotes four people specifically, then declares that "several other onlookers" have "the same or similar stories" about how the driver must have been able to clearly see Corrie. The problem is that all of his eyewitnesses are from the ISM, who we know make things up practically for a living, and Mr. Abukhdair doesn't quote people like this guy, who said that she sat down in front of the bulldozer. Remember the expert eyewitness from the trial, brought in by Corrie's parents? He said that the driver probably couldn't have seen her. And finally check out this picture of a US D9 dozer linked by one of the Huffington Posters:

But since this is the Huffington Post, facts that do not fit the theory cannot be bothered with. Instead Mr. Abukhdair moves on to Jonathan Pollard, which apparently he is very offended that Israel wants released, before finally getting in to the real meat of the story: that Israel sucks.
"In the greater scheme of U.S./Israeli relations, both of these cases, I'm sure, have little value, but it seems like the U.S. is getting less and less for its unwavering support for Israel....Perhaps it's time we as a nation reassessed the quid pro quo of this relationship to make sure the United States is attaining some reward for all our risk. Or at least that if our youths die in Israel that they will be given equal consideration, even if they don't agree with Israeli policy."
Mr. Abukhdair would have been better served to just skip right to this and leave out the disingenuous concern over Rachel Corrie's death. After all, approximately one hundred times as many Americans have been killed by Arab terrorists as by Israelis, of which few if any have received their justice.

But still, it fills the quotas for the Huffington Post, which is really what it's all about.

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