Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Blatant Headline Bias: Flaunting Soldiers

This morning, the Huffington Post had one of the most biased headlines against Israel I think I've ever seen. Not because the headline is anti-Israel (though it is), but just because it's so blatantly and unnecessarily biased. Here's the headline in the Israel section:

Here's the headline as seen in the World section:

And here's the inside headline, presumably cribbed from the AP like the rest of the article:

The Huffington Post propagandists editors took a puff Associated Press article about Israel's only co-ed combat unit (related to a terror attack, which they didn't bother to cover) and turned it into an attack on the Jewish state by portraying it as arrogant. There is no other meaning for the word flaunt. Israel is not allowed to be proud of its soldiers or its values like gender equality, let alone praise them in public, because doing so would be arrogant or bragging. And of course Israel is the only nation that would be targeted in this manner by the Huffington Post.

This kind of headline bias is despicable and completely inappropriate for a mainstream news source.

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  1. It's an enormous outrage and insult against the Huffponian faux Islamists that they were pimp slapped by women. I predict an article on how women in the IDF are of course poorly treated.


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