Friday, September 28, 2012

Today's Holocaust Cynicism

Earlier this weekend Menachem Rosensaft wrote an article about the Holocaust, given the tension around religious tolerance lately. Anyway the Huffington Posters were nasty as always. A couple of them got upset because Mr. Rosensaft pointed out that only a few Christians helped hide Jews during those dark days, perhaps because it was something they didn't want to hear. Most of them responded by attempting to rewrite history, declaring that the Allies fought World War II because of little things like Pearl Harbor or the fact that Germany attacked them, but instead because they love Jewish people and wanted to save them. Don't believe me? Take a look:

But remember, no one hates Jews on the Huffington Post.


  1. It's time to condemn all Jewish 'writers' who submit any material to HuffPo. There is no reason to support the Nazis in their efforts to murder more Jews. There needs to be a Jewish editorial boycott of HuffPo.

  2. I completely agree with Trudy!


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