Friday, September 21, 2012

Today's Huffington Post Hatemongering

The Huffington Post loves just about anything that they can use to drum up hatred against Israel or Republicans. So what could possibly be better than a story in which they can kill two birds with one stone? We'll start with the biased headline and picture, which has nothing to do with the actual story:

Vote for Netanyahu? Oh wait, that's not what is happening at all. See, what actually happened was this:

Although it is possible and even likely that Netanyahu was involved with the reaction of the attack ad, there is no proof that he was. Of course, Didn't Read the Article Syndrome kicked in heavily and all the Huffington Posters assumed that Netanyahu had endorsed Romney and wanted Obama to lose the election. So a hate fest ensued:

Nice to know that whenever the facts don't cause people to hate Israel enough, the Huffington Post can always be sure to spin it to get the results they desire.

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