Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's Incitement: Dragging Up 1982

I logged onto the Huffington Post this morning and was greeted by this headline:

Naturally, the article was by our old friend Barry Lando whining pathetically about events from 30 years ago. What's wrong, Barry, the Palestinians aren't suffering enough today to warrant a more contemporary article?

Lando's article is absolutely amazing. Right off the bat, he places the blame for the recent riots on (what else?) but Sabra and Shatila:
"The outburst of anti-Americanism sweeping much of the Arab world was ignited by an off-the-wall film insulting Mohammed, but the underlying outrage is fed by decades of resentment against the U.S. and its ally, Israel.
Nothing fueled that anger more than the massacre of what's estimated to be well over a thousand Palestinian refugees in Beirut on September 16, 1982 in the camps of Sabra and Shatila."

Next, Lando whitewashes Palestinian crimes in his effort to wave the bloody shirt:
"Recently declassified Israeli files, analyzed by Seth Anziska, a doctoral candidate at Columbia University, reveal the bare-knuckle discussions between U.S. and Israeli leaders 30 years ago, as American officials were essentially bullied and browbeaten to do nothing to prevent the slaughter of the Palestinians, nearly all of them elderly men, women and children, who were murdered, raped and dismembered. The slaughter went on between September 16th and September 18th while Israeli troops surrounded the camps, their flares lighting the cramped ramshackle streets and homes within.
The killings were carried out by fanatical right-wing Christian Phalangist militias, allied with the Israelis, who had invaded Lebanon in June, 1982."
 Note that Lando doesn't bother to mention the massacres of Lebanese Christians committed by the PLO weeks earlier, because that violates his victim narrative. Finally, Lando wraps up with some ZOG:
"What Seth Anziska fails to examine in his op-ed piece is the extent to which American officials at the time were not just being confronted by Israeli leaders, but, at the same time, by the powerful pro-Israeli lobby back in Washington. It's a good bet that AIPAC and its allies, publicly and behind the scenes -- were also demanding that Israel be given a free hand.
Those same volatile dynamics are playing out today, 30 years later, as intimidated American officials confront a blustering Israeli Prime Minister demanding that the U.S. join in an attack against Iran."
Another day, another false representation of Palestinians as victims and borderline anti-Semitism.  

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