Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BHL Condemns Anti-Semitism, HPers Hate

HP blogger Bernard Henri Levy has written a great article for the Huffington Post about the black tide of the new anti-Semitism, in which he comments about the increasing incidents of anti-Semitism in France and across Europe, the famous of which is the Toulouse massacre of earlier this year. He expresses concern that many of the sources of anti-Semitism comes from radical Muslim circles and he encourages all people to fight anti-Semitism in whatever its forms.

Unfortunately Levy forgot that the Huffington Post is one of the most prominent anti-Semitic websites around today. So how do you think the HP readership react to this blog post? By attacking Levy, denying the existence of anti-Semitism, and justify hatred of Jews based on evil evil Israeli policy, as well as the simple anti-Semitism we have some to expect.

No one had anything to say about the Toulouse massacre, of course. Reality doesn't affect this kind of pure unfiltered hatred.

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