Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Gaza Calls for Israel's Annihilation From the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post demonstrated its never ending commitment to slandering the state of Israel in new and unexpected ways with an op-ed published by the Free Gaza fools one of whom we have seen before. Now if you were paying very close attention you might notice that yet another ship to Gaza was intercepted and prevented from committing an act of war, while the Huffington Post was apparently the only news outlet that actually cared. But having decided to care, they intend to milk it all they can with more propaganda against Israel by those who want to help Hamas wipe it out.

Not surprisingly, they begin with a lie:
"In Saturday's morning hours, Israeli military forces seized the Finnish-flagged SV Estelle in international waters allegedly using electric-shock weaponry to torture passengers who included lawmakers and peace activists from eight countries."
Apparently fact checking is not considered to be a requirement to write on the Huffington Post, you can just make up whatever the hell you want and they'll publish it, no matter whether you have a history of lying as one of the author's does. Here is something else interesting that I have yet to hear about:
"Undeterred, joint efforts continue on shore where Palestinians prepare to build an "ark" in the coming months to sail out of port for the first time in 64 years." 
Is that so? I understand they did a lot of boat building in Auschwitz as well. Anyway the Huffington Post was delighted to publish some classic Free Gaza propaganda in the form of propaganda posters:

By the way, Greta Berlin's recent showcasing of the anti-Semitic side of Free Gaza still has yet to be noticed by the "Fair and Balanced" Huffington Post. After this, the authors rehash old stories and lies about the Mavi Marmara, then point out that Zionists broke blockades to allow Jews to immigrate. They forgot to mention that the goal of Free Gaza is to help Hamas continue their attacks on Israel with bigger and fancier weapons.

They then tell a sob story and wave a bloody shirt about some Palestinians allegedly "forced to leave," then hock a book. However, their token Palestinian declares that there is in fact a difference between the ships then and the ships now:
'One of the differences, he explains, is "in the treatment by European and North American governments... [which are]... winking at Israel to do what they like with both the international aid workers and activists as well as Palestinians under occupation."'
 Winking, you say? I wouldn't call it "winking," I would call it "minding their own business." Or maybe "leaving terrorist supporters to the fate that they deserve." I'm not sure if Free Gaza has noticed but in addition to the world paying attention to places like Syria now, the whole "boat to Gaza" thing has become passe. Nobody noticed their latest boat because they didn't succeed in getting anybody killed.

Of course it's disingenuous to now whine about Israel mistreating the "aid workers and activists." You're going into a combat zone to help genocidal terrorists. It's dangerous. People have been killed doing this, and although that's a key part of your propaganda, it also works against you when you whine about not being treated like you're at the Ritz-Carlton. If you don't want to deal with Israeli soldiers don't make them have to deal with you. It's not like you didn't see it coming. But apparently this logic only makes sense outside of the Huffington Post.

So they throw some more lies about the Israeli soldiers, including statements by their lawyer (aka a professional liar) before going back to the ark project. Again, this includes no trace of irony but does have more propaganda posters:

Before finally arriving at their conclusion:
"The Estelle's voyage, while thwarted by Israel, demonstrates that international civil society continues to stand beside Palestinians all the way, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River."
So just in case you were curious what Free Gaza wants, peace or a Second Holocaust, they spelled it right out in black and white.

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