Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaza Calorie Thread Fuels Cognitive Dissonance

The Gaza calorie thread, despite its biased blood libel ex-headline, was surprisingly free of the most extreme forms of hatred we've grown used to. Most HPers when confronted with the truth that Israel is taking steps to avoid a humanitarian crisis either ignored that fact and kept lying or tried to change the subject. A couple, however, displayed some amazing cognitive dissonance:

Yes, Israel takes care of the Gazans so that they "look well fed" (because they actually are well fed) and Israel "gets away with it again" (just what exactly "it" is is never made clear). It can't be because Israel doesn't actually want to make the Gazans miserable and kill them all, please. That Israel is pure evil is never in doubt.

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  1. Speaking of Cognitive Dissonance here's a brutal takedown of Sarah "pinkwashing" Schulman

    Sarah Schulman, Palestinian Activist


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