Monday, October 22, 2012

Hate Overpowers Truth on the Huffington Post

I commented on Sunday about Michael Madormo's propaganda piece about the poor suffering West Bank Arabs and the cruel Israel who keeps them from taking the SATs. Well since Friday when the piece was written, the truth came out, courtesy of Elder of Ziyon:
"Mahmoud Amara, a Palestinian principal of the Friends School, said the rare two-week delay affected his students’ ability to apply for American universities. He said US officials told them the delay was because the exams arrived during a series of Jewish holidays, when Israeli customs offices were closed."
 Furthermore, the students took the SAT exam again in a few days. But Madormo can't be bothered to point that out because this really isn't about his students or the SAT exam, it's about spreading still more hatred against Israel. And the Huffington Posters were ever so happy to jump on the hate train:

Maybe some day the Huffington Post will care about telling the truth, but not today.

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  1. That info was included in the article

    "Israeli customs officials cited the Yom Kippur holiday and a shortage of staff as the reason. In short, Israeli customs were aware that the exams were in their care, but they failed to release them in time for my students to sit for their exam."

    And I think it is a valid point. Israel knew whent he exam was and they knew when Yom Kippur was. If getting the tests to Gaza was a priority, they could have made sure it happened.

    btw, I tried to ask a question about the Hamas ban on studying abroad, but HP didn't let it through. Am I the only one who remembers this...?


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