Sunday, October 28, 2012

History (and the HuffPo) Repeats Itself

Last week you may have noticed an article in which Armin Rosen speculated about whether Israel had attacked Sudan, as there was an explosion as a weapons depot there. The Huffington Post managed to avoid both picture and headline by bias by lifting it word for word from the Atlantic:

Does this sound familiar? Because just over a year ago the exact same thing happened, and the Huffington Post covered it the exact same way, and we noticed that the readership sided with genocidal Sudan over Israel. Although this time around many Huffington Posters had their heads screwed on correctly, quite a few didn't even bother to pretend to like Sudan and just spewed hate against Israel. Why? Because like Mt. Everest, it's there.

Let's not bother waiting for evidence or anything. That's not how things are done on the Huffington Post.

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