Wednesday, October 17, 2012

History Article Perfectly Illustrates Palestinian Hypocrisy

The recent Richard Elliott Friedman article about the undeniable archeological evidence linking the Jewish people to the land of Israel has given us a perfect opportunity to look at one of the hypocritical arguments required to be a Palestinian supporter. You see, Friedman's article simply states that Jews once lived in Israel. That's all. However, in a panic, Palestinian supporters rushed to the thread to demand that just because Jews once lived in the area, that doesn't mean they should be allowed to live there again. Here are some examples:

At first, this argument seems entirely reasonable and accurate. Indeed, Jews living in Israel 2000 years ago does not give Jews the right to claim the land today.

But what about when that argument is applied to the Palestinian Arabs and their demand to return to Israel, aka land their ancestors lived on decades ago? Well, then it's OK:

Suddenly when it's Palestinians who want to return somewhere, it's OK to turn back the clock and demand "ancestral land rights." The trick for you Palestinian apologists out there is to find the exact moment in time when enough time has passed to deny Jews land rights based on ancestors, but not enough time has passed so Palestinians can demand land rights based on ancestors. It's tough, but I know you guys can do it.

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