Monday, October 29, 2012

HP Bias: Rockets/Airstrikes Bias Again

The Huffington Post covered the news of the continued rockets from Gaza and airstrikes from Israel with the same kind of biased headline/picture as they used in last week's article. Check out the headline:

Once again, the Israeli airstrike leads the headline, the rocket fire comes second. Again, the picture shows no Israelis (in this case it's of Palestinians surveying the damage from the air strike). Again, the Huffington Post's headline is the complete opposite of the Associated Press's headline (which the HP took the article from):

Only the Huffington Post twisted the headline around to make Israel seem like the aggressive party. Shameful and blatant HP bias, unfit for an alleged "newspaper", more appropriate for an anti-Israel personal blog.


  1. Here's a gem

    "Israel is the real terrorist state in that region.

    They threaten and bomb everyone around them , using the excuse as they are doing it for ''their security';' and then turn around and steal their land,.

    I hope Iran vaporizes those kikeroaches once and for all."

  2. There's another subtlety in HP's headline which you overlooked which is even more disturbing and effective. The title: "Israel Airstrike Hits Gaza After Rocket Fire" Does not explain where the Rocket Fire came "from". Was it from Israel or from Gaza? By not stating 'From Gaza " as the other publications state, it whitewashes any blame towards the Palestinians, and leave the reader unaware until further reading.

  3. Oh, man. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous. That comment's going up tomorrow. Good point, Robert.


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