Thursday, October 25, 2012

HP Headline Bias: Rocket v. Airstrike

In an all too typical display of HP bias, the Huffington Post waited until Israel struck back against rocket attacks from Gaza to cover the news and made Israel the subject of the headline:

Compare and contrast the HP's choice of headline with the Associated Press article it took all the content from:

While neither article states that terrorists were killed in the airstrike, at least the AP article puts the blame and the cause of the violence on the correct party: "Gaza rockets draw Israeli strikes." The HP leads with "Israel Strike Kills Two" and only after that mentions the rockets. You might think this is a minor discrepancy, but someone at the Huffington Post made the deliberate choice to change the headline and lead with the Israeli airstrike.

Note also the choice of picture. The AP used a picture of a wounded Israeli being evacuated for treatment. The Huffington Post, never willing to show any Israelis, alive or dead, went with a generic picture of a town in Gaza. I guess they couldn't find a picture of a hurt Palestinian in time. HP bias at its most blatant.

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