Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HPer Hypocrisy: Islam Vs. Mormonism

The Huffington Post yesterday published an news story of an "anti-Mormon" ad that will be run by a group of American atheists. To their credit, the headline was fairly unbiased:

But rather than flip out and scream racism, the way the HPers did for Pamela Geller's anti-Islam ads, the HPers came in in force to support these ads.

Substitute "Mormon" for "Muslim" and such comments would get 20+ flags, not favorites. And I wouldn't hold my breath for the HP to publish several op eds condemning the ads the way they did for the Geller ads. There's only one religion around here that's above criticism.

I say this not out of any particular love for Mormonism, but from a desire to see the Huffington Post community apply equal standards to all religions. It's clear from this article they are a long way from that.

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  1. oh, I didn't realize that Islam allows for openly gay adherents.

    silly me.


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