Thursday, October 18, 2012

Huffington Post Blood Libel Bias: Malnutrition in Gaza

The Huffington Post, in its never ending quest to demonize and discredit Israel, posted a lying, malicious headline and then quickly changed the headline in its effort to cover up its lies. This time, it's an article about Israel making sure Gaza gets enough food to avoid a humanitarian crisis. Here's the headline as it appears right now:

This is an accurate, reasonable headline. Israel wants to prevent Gaza from suffering a humanitarian crisis and thus makes sure Gaza has enough food.

But here's what the headline looked last night, thanks to Avi Mayer for screengrabbing it for us. Click to zoom in:

That's the headline that the HP wants to publish, where evil evil Israel is forcing the poor Gazans to starve to death, even though it's not the truth. In fact all you needed to do was read the first line of the article to realize the reality was a complete opposite from what the headline said. Only after pro-Israel tweeter Avi Mayer called them out on this blatant lie did they change.

Is there any remaining doubt that the Huffington Post is far more interested in demonizing Israel and Jews than reporting the truth? And yes their readership immediately jumped upon it:

It's amazing how many "mistakes" the Huffington Post keeps making that just so happen to make Israel look bad, don't you think?

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