Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Huffington Post Solves Sudan Bombing

You guys all remember the explosion of the ammunition factory in Sudan, right, that Israel was accused of causing with an air strike? Well, the controversy about who did it is over, the Huffington Post has figured it out! That's why it published an article by Rebecca Tinsley about the bombing that unequivocally states that Israel did it.

Before we get to the article itself, I'd like to call your attention to what poor Ms. Tinsley intended for her article to be titled. You can get a clue of this from the url:

We don't know what exactly the title is, but it starts with "Sudan Yarmouk Compound" and probably goes on to say "Allegedly Destroyed by Israel", but that's my guess, I don't know for sure. What I do know for sure is that the Huffington Post changed the headline to this:

"Why Israel Has Bombed Sudan". Wow, no doubt there, eh? Even known murderers on the Huffington Post and Palestinian terrorists can get an "alleged" tag in front of them. Tinsley's article even starts with, "Arab governments are competing to find the strongest terms with which to condemn Israel's alleged bombing of a Sudanese weapons factory this week." Tinsley's willing to throw in the "alleged" adjective, why not the Huffington Post's headline?

But then Tinsley herself declares the case closed in the beginning of the next paragraph: "Although Tel Aviv will not admit it, this is their third attack on Sudanese soil in as many years." Ignoring that there are no government spokespeople in Tel Aviv to admit anything (they are all on Jerusalem), Tinsley has decided that the attack did in fact come from Israel and links to the BBC, which doesn't present any facts either, just reports that Sudan is whining to the UN about the strike and accusing Israel. So no facts from Tinsley, we should just take it on faith that she knows something everyone else doesn't, but would like to keep it secret for now.

I must say, though, the rest of the article is pretty good from an Israel perspective. Tinsley defends Israel's (alleged) actions in Sudan and describes Sudan as having "a distinguished pedigree supporting international terrorism" and Sudan itself as "a terrorist state."

The article was almost perfect, if only Tinsley and the Huffington Post hadn't acted as judge and jury on the recent Yarmouk explosion. 

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