Thursday, October 25, 2012

HuffPo Continues to Cling to Church Letter

The Huffington Post simply refuses to let the recent anti-Israel church letter pass into history, and so they continue to call from their extensive blogger stable people who will play it up and attack Israel even further. This time around they have called up Jewish Voice for Peace to give us a long and rambling article about how terrible mainstream Jews are and how great the signatories were. If you need a reminder about what is wrong with the letter, click here so I don't have to repeat myself.

After recapping the story and declaring themselves "fellow Jewish leaders" (bit of a stretch), they mislead their audience about what the letter says and then go after the ADL and other Jews who stood up for themselves:
"We believe this decision is a terrible mistake, and reveals these Jewish organizations' confusion about the nature of interfaith cooperation. It is not the role of these Jewish organizations to dictate how their Christian partners can live out their conscience or their values -- no matter how much they may disagree."
Yep, you got that right. It's the role of Christians living thousands of miles away to think they can dictate to Israel how they can defend themselves, but it's not the role of their Jewish neighbors to voice their opinions when they disagree. Apparently only people who the JVP likes are allowed to speak and everyone else just has to sit down and shut up. The Jewish leaders are also living out their conscience and their values by stepping away from people who obviously have an agenda against the Jewish state. An agenda that happens to be shared by the JVP.

They continue by lying about what their opponents said, also known as the strawman argument:
"Indeed, these Christian organizations have expressed their concern for the security of Jews in the Holy Land, while the ADL letter, as well as the one released by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, denies the reality of Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians."
First of all, read the letter for yourself, then check out this classic rhetorical trick.  If the JCPA does not specifically come out and say "Israel is violating Palestinian human rights" therefore they are "denying the reality" and should be condemned. You'll notice in the letter that the JCPA called for peace and actually, you know, stayed on topic. It didn't accuse anyone of human rights violations, Israelis or Palestinians. Which makes them more objective by far than the original church letter.

JVP on the other hand prefers to use the classic BDS talking point: The subject of this conversation is not the letter, US aid to Israel, or the reaction of Christian and Jewish leaders! Oh no sir, the subject of this conversation is Israeli human rights violations and if you talk about anything else but what JVP tells you to talk about...well you're:
"Attempting to control what, when, and how our interfaith partners can live out their moral convictions undermines the entire premise of true dialogue and the potential for interfaith partnership."
As opposed to BDS (that JVP supporters, remember) who seeks to control literally everyone and everything they can in order to get them to hate Israel as well. Now, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with JVP's point of view here if they were at least consistent. If they had said: everyone can offer an opinion about anything and anyone at any time, and that's that, no problem. But like all anti-Israel people everyone, they are saying that only they and people they like have a right to an opinion and they will seek to actively shut down anyone who thinks differently. Unfortunately for them they can't shut down the JCPA and ADL so whining on the Huffington Post is the next best thing.

More half-truths:
"It is hardly outrageous for American taxpayers to require Israel's compliance with our nation's laws and policies..."
No, but it is outrageous for Americans to require Israel's compliance but not Palestine's, which is exactly what the letter said we should do. It is also outrages to deny Palestinian human rights violations, which the letter also does as well as the JVP article. Remember this thing called double standards? Yeah, I haven't forgotten, and that speaks to the root of the problem. But the JVP doesn't want to get to the root of the problem, let alone understand the JCPA and ADL's motivations. They just want to be able to wave the flag some more.

After attacking Israel some more (by referencing MJ Rosenberg) and whining, the JVP people sign off. The good news is that hardly anyone noticed the article, as it sounds like even the Israel hating audience gets bored sooner or later.

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  1. Once I did some research that showed how JVP does not consider itself bound to facts when addressing anti-Israel materials from its fellow BDS-and-Co. travelers, and that their main focus is insisting on how very unfair their marginal standing on issues related to Israel and Jewish interests are, it became much less difficult to stomach their dishonesty and hypocrisy. You don't blame a dog for eating its own shit, after all.


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